What Is the Biggest Football Contract

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One thing to know: Mario Williams was a No. 1 overall pick when the No. 1 draft picks received gigantic rookie contracts. Williams` first contract with the Texans was six years and $54 million. Allen, 25, signed a contract in August 2021 that will earn him an NFL record $150 million in collateral. He improved significantly in each of his three seasons, leading the Bills to an AFC championship game in 2020 while throwing for 4,544 yards, 37 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He added 421 yards and eight TDs on the ground. However, for the purposes of this list, Sporting News uses the average annual salary to evaluate the highest-paid players in the NFL. NFL contracts are unique in that coverage and base salaries vary greatly from contract to contract. Therefore, the average annual salary paints the most accurate picture of the league`s revenue landscape.

Aaron Rodgers eventually stays in Green Bay and comes off a dramatic offseason with a revised contract, in which he expressed frustration with Packers management and sparked speculation that he might retire instead of returning to the team. The 37-year-old quarterback works with brands such as Adidas, State Farm and Fanatics and is a co-founder of Online Sports Database, a website inspired by the IMDb.com that launched in April and aims to offer athlete profiles, including salary and referral information. Rodgers remained a staple on TV screens during the NFL offseason and took a turn as Jeopardy! Guest host and player in the July issue of The Match, the exhibition golf event where he and Bryson DeChambeau defeated Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson. Calculating and listing the highest-paid players in the NFL is an inexact science. There are so many metrics that can be used to measure contracts, and since NFL transactions are largely not fully guaranteed, many argue that collateral is all that matters. Just like the current list of the highest-paid QBs, this group is full of new employees. Eight of the 10 biggest contracts in NFL history have sprung up in the past three seasons — a real sign that rising pay caps are making a difference when it comes to resetting the market. One thing to know: in a league where most players are forced to sign secure contracts, Revis constantly bets on itself and wins, often giving up long-term contracts. Instead, he repeatedly took risks in free agency.

1 – Mahomes signed a 10-year extension on July 6, 2020. When the deal was first reported, it was estimated at 10 years for $503 million. Later, it turned out that this amount included the last years of the contract under which he was at that time and the money that remained on that contract. 2 – Alex Rodriguez`s salary for 2014 was reduced to $2,868,853 due to his one-season suspension in connection with the Biogenesis baseball scandal[105] 3 – Rodriguez and Greinke terminated their contracts after the 2007 and 2007 seasons, respectively. 2015 4 – Vick`s contract was terminated by the Atlanta Falcons after season 5 of 2006 – Based solely on regular season games (without playoff games), Still in baseball, starting pitchers usually pitch every five games and rest during the break between R`s departures – Retired injury – While he is technically still under contract, injury ended career * – is no longer with the team ‡ – Total salary of the contract not guaranteed After signing a ten-year extension and $450 million with the Kansas City Chiefs last year – by far the biggest contract of all time in the NFL – Patrick Mahomes had the deal restructured this offseason to help his team make room under the new salary cap, with $21.7 million becoming a premium for 2021. The quarterback, who turns 26 in two weeks, began bolstering his recommendations after winning Super Bowl LIV in February 2020 and counts Adidas, State Farm and Oakley among his partners. Mahomes, who added a small stake in the Kansas City Royals to MLB last year, became the minority owner of MLS`s Sporting Kansas City in July. One thing to know: Manning`s last paycheck in the NFL was a $4 million bonus for winning the Super Bowl in 2015. He still had one year and $19 million left in his contract with the Broncos when he retired. One thing to know: Stafford was recently traded to the Los Angeles Rams. He has two seasons left in his $5 million contract over 5 years.

Trevor Lawrence, the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft in April, ranks 8th with $30.8 million, making him the first rookie to be in the top ten since the 2011 collective bargaining agreement significantly reduced the contracts of the best draft picks in the sport. Lawrence, who received a $24.1 million signing bonus from the Jacksonville Jaguars, adds $6 million off the field, including his own endorsement deal with FTX and partnerships with brands like Adidas, Gatorade and Fanatics. One thing to know: Wilson signed a 4-year, $140 million contract ahead of the 2019 season. .