Northern Virginia Community College Articulation Agreements

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The college`s transfer website is a good first point of contact when planning the transfer from NOVA to a four-year institution. Guaranteed admission and articulation agreements, four-year academic transfer guides and admission information, on-campus transfer events and more are linked on this website. After visiting the website, a follow-up visit to an on-campus transfer consultant is recommended. How do colleges and universities determine a student`s cumulative grade point average if they have attended more than one college or university? They usually look at each cumulative GPA of each institution visited. They also look at factors such as attendance dates and grade trends when reviewing multiple university transcripts. Be aware that if you continue to take courses at NOVA to improve your GPA, the transcript will continue to show GPA after graduating from NOVA if the degree was awarded. Your cumulative surrogacy may increase, but surrogacy at the time of the closing date does not change. How many more years do I have to attend university after leaving NOVA to complete my bachelor`s degree? Many factors influence school years. If you are admitted as a junior in your major and are attending full-time, you should have completed in about two years. Since some students transfer with less than 60 credits, attend school part-time, or change majors, graduation may take longer. I would like to be guaranteed admission to a four-year college. Where can I learn more about VCCS Guaranteed Admission Agreements? If you want to get a guaranteed admission to the four-year college of your dreams, you should carefully read the college`s admission agreements.

The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) has agreements with almost every public college and university in Virginia! There are also private colleges that guarantee admission. For more information, visit NOVA`s Guaranteed Admission Agreements website. NOVA has two types of transfer agreements with many institutions – guaranteed admission agreements and articulation agreements. Do most colleges and universities accept the joint application? The only way to apply to many schools now is through the common app. If you order your electronic parchment transcript, it can be uploaded directly to the common app. Only courses with a grade of “C” or better will be accepted for transfer, even if the student has an AA or AS degree. Students must submit a completed transcript request form online via NOVAConnect or to a NOVA Student Service Centre for an official copy of their transcript to be sent to the intended transfer college or university. How can I find the colleges and universities that best suit the major I want? Ask your instructors, consultants, and people in the field of your choice.

The Virginia Wizard can also help you find all the colleges and universities in Virginia that offer a particular program. How can I find out about transfer information events or campus tours organized by a college or university I am interested in? Visit the admissions website and in particular the transfer link of the school you are interested in. This will take you to the latest dates and times for these events. For example, the University of Virginia has a website called “Plan Your Visit” that supports you. Note: Some four-year colleges accept certain Associates in Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) and Associates in Applied Arts (AAA.) Programs, but each institution has a different policy. This program invites each participating college to recommend two or three strong candidates who are interested in continuing their studies at Georgetown University. These students may not be traditional, but they should promise to compete at a demanding academic institution. Do I have to enroll all the colleges I attended when I apply for a transfer from NOVA to another college? Yes, if you don`t and the college you applied to discovers your omission, you may not be accepted. Note: Some colleges and universities also want your high school diploma. When should I consult a consultant to prepare the transfer? Ideally, you should see an advisor during the first semester. It is very important that you choose the right general education courses that a four-year college or university needs. Even if you get a transferable degree from NOVA, it can take more than four years to earn a bachelor`s degree unless you carefully plan your course selection.

We offer the following degrees to students who plan to complete their first and second years of study at NOVA and then move on to a four-year college or university to complete their junior and senior years of a bachelor`s degree: How do I send my NOVA transcript for admission to a college or university? Click Scroll to request your official transcript. Log in or create a new account and follow the instructions. When he started considering colleges in the area, he eventually chose NOVA because of its quality of education, affordability, and guaranteed admission program. What is the maximum number of hours I can transfer to the bachelor`s program? Many colleges have a cap on the number of credits accepted during the transfer. High school graduation requirements include a minimum number of credits at the top division level (courses with level 300 and 400 numbers) and a minimum number of credits completed at the higher institution. This information is available in a school`s transfer guide or catalogue. If I am admitted as a transfer student, will I automatically be admitted to my major? Several university majors traditionally have their own application process, such as the Business School, the School of Nursing, and the School of Education. Arts and music departments often require portfolio exams or auditions that take place after admission to the general college or university. These majors are said to have a “second door admission process.” The first objective is the application and admission to college or university in general.

The second door is the entrance into the specific and selective main compartment. Majors that have “Second Gate Admission” traditionally have difficult prerequisite classes and receive more applications than available places. What happens if I`m almost done with another type of degree? The Associate Degree in Applied Arts (AAA), while designed to prepare students for employment, also translates reasonably well in some higher education institutions. Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree programs are designed to prepare students for employment. You`ll likely lose credits if you upgrade to a traditional university macrocalaureate degree. NOVA has entered into transfer agreements with certain institutions for certain programs applied. For advice on your options, contact a NOVA. Where can I find transfer guides? Not all colleges have transfer guides, but most virginia institutions have posted them on their websites. These guides typically include guidelines for admission to transfer, a list of transferable courses, and tips on transferring specific programs from community colleges.

Visit NOVA`s transfer resources website for a list of links to many popular transfer guides. When should I apply to the universities I am considering? Each college has its own application deadlines. It`s a good rule of thumb to apply a year before the date you want to register. If you would like to participate in the fall of 2012, start the application process in the fall of 2011. Most colleges set their deadlines at about six months before enrollment. Visit our transfer page to find information for specific schools. Once you find the Admission link, you should see another link for “Transfer Students”. How do I pay for the rest of my college education? Scholarships, grants, loans and work-study opportunities can make your college education more affordable. Check the financial aid website of your future college or university. The Virginia Two-Year College Transfer Grant offers community college students up to $1,000 per year. During your acceptance process, your future four-year college will help you seize this opportunity. NOVA offers transfer programs that lead to the Associate of Arts (AA) degree or the Science Associate (AS) degree.

These programs are designed for students who plan to complete the first and second years of college work at the community college and then move on to a four-year college or university to complete the junior and senior years of a bachelor`s degree. .