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We have 14 training contract opportunities per admission in our London office. If you are a creative thinker who wants to work for a company that values personality as much as professionalism, visit us for a training contract in London. Legal education places are periods that trainee lawyers spend in certain legal services. Rotating seats allow you to develop and develop your legal work experience and practical training in a number of different areas of law. Want to know more about the type of work you could do on your apprenticeship contract? Listen to a Norton Rose Fulbright banking intern in the video below. There is technically no minimum, although the Bar recommends that companies pay £22,541 to potential lawyers in London and £19,992 to those trained outside London. The salary of a training contract can vary greatly depending on where you do your training in the UK and the type of law firm you are applying for. It is now possible for students to apply to the SRA on the basis that they have met the requirements of a “recognized internship” in an equivalent manner. So, if you have legal work experience that has allowed you to gain experience in three areas of law, has been supervised by lawyers or others with relevant experience, and has allowed you to obtain the standards of practical competence, you may be able to apply for admission. Before starting with your seats, we also offer you a full two-week initiation.

Of all that you will learn during your legal career, the research skills you will develop during these two weeks will support your personal growth and professional success for years to come. We will help you prepare for your first place and give you the opportunity to dive into a real-life case. Interns who need to start their training contract this year may find that the start dates have been delayed, for example, Irwin Mitchell has postponed the interns` 2020 start date to February 2021. All these companies believe that it is essential to invest in rigorous and comprehensive technical and competent training. Their collaboration has led to the development of BPP`s market-leading SQE programs, which are rigorous, engaging and, most importantly, relevant to current urban practice. Currently, we provide maintenance grants to our future employees while taking the required courses before the start of their training contract. The current maintenance allowance for full-time study during the pGDL is £7,000 outside London and £8,000 in London. The current maintenance grant during the accelerated LPC is £10,000. Maintenance grants will be available as part of the City Consortium`s new practice programs that will prepare our future articling lawyers for the Lawyer Qualification Examinations (SQE). The Professional Skills course is the last part of your mandatory training before you qualify as a lawyer and builds on the skills you have acquired during the CAP or GDL.

You must also complete a total of 24 hours of elective training. So, if you have already started a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), a Legal Practice Course (LPC) or a traditional training contract before the new SQE comes into force, you have until 2032 to complete your training in the traditional way. In addition to ensuring that articling students know how to use all the tools and resources (whether technological or not) they need for their work, we offer training in a range of skills that are essential to their full development as lawyers, from building resilience to communication and time management. They also receive specialized legal training in their fields of activity. We remain committed to providing world-class training and support as soon as you receive a training contract offer from us. Your development is crucial to us, so we have ensured that the training is thorough and engaging, helping you make your work a success during the training contract. Recruitment for our training contracts in London usually takes place in July and August. If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to one of our assessment days, where we will get to know each other. A legal education contract is a two-year training period conducted in a law firm or in-house in a large organization of law graduates who aspire to a career as a lawyer. A secondment of a training contract is a training period or a seat that a trainee lawyer spends internally in a client`s legal team.

This can happen locally, domestically or abroad. Prospective RPC interns complete the Graduate Diploma in Law (only if you are a non-legal graduate) and the Master of Legal Practice at the University of Law. Scholarships are available for course fees, SQE exams and maintenance grants up to £7,000. SQE 1 and 2 are completed before the start of your training contract. We continue to accept applications from candidates who have successfully completed the LPC (which currently means you may be exempt from completing SQE 1). We are committed to your professional development. Learn more about our seating process, training, structured professional development and on-the-job learning opportunities in the company. You can complete this period of work experience in up to four different organizations and work as a paralegal, traditional training contracts, an internship as part of a sandwich degree, and volunteering at a student law clinic or at Citizens Advice. .